We utilise drones to provide a range of services within the construction industry.

Our team consists of highly experienced, dependable and licensed drone professionals that are committed to safety, quality and overall client success

Our Process

Client Consultation and Requirements Gathering

Initiate communication with client to understand their project goals and specific requirements for the drone.
Conduct thorough discussions to clarify expectations, project scope , timeline and budget.
Create a detailed write up of all necessary information related to the project, including site location, desired deliverables and any challenges or constraints.
Send write up to client via email for confirmation.

Data Processing and Analysis

Transfer the captured data to a secure location for processing and analysis.
Use appropriate editing platform for video rendering and image stills.
Utilise specialised software for photogrammetry techniques to stitch together the aerial imagery and generate 3D models, orthomosaic maps, point clouds or other requested deliverables.
Conduct quality control checks to verify the accuracy and completeness of the processed data.

Project Planning and Pre-flight Preparation

Develop a detailed project plan that outlines the key milestones, tasks and timelines .
Conduct a comprehensive site survey to assess any potential safety hazards, regulatory considerations or flight restrictions.
Obtain any required permissions or authorisations from the relevant authorities to ensure compliance with local regulations.
Determine the optimal flight routes, camera angles and data collection techniques based on project requirements.

Deliverable Generation and Reporting

Prepare the requested deliverables based on clients specifications.
Ensure the deliverables are visually appealing and aligned with the client's expectations.
Share the deliverables with the client through secure channels ensuring confidentiality and data integrity.

On-site Operations and Data Capture

Mobilise the drone team and necessary equipment to the construction site.
Perform pre-flight checks to ensure the drone's airworthiness and confirm that all sensors and cameras are functioning properly.
Execute the planned flight missions to capture high-resolution aerial imagery, videos or other required data using the drone.
Monitor and manage flight operations, ensuring safety, privacy considerations and adherence to operational protocols.

Client Review and Project Closure

Schedule a review meeting with client to present the deliverables.
Seek feedback from client and address any concerns or additional requirements.
Collaborate with the client to finalise and refine deliverables if needed.
Obtain client approval and provide the final versions of the deliverables.
Close the project by ensuring all necessary documentation, contracts and financial settlements are completed.

What we do?

Our services are  specifically designed to meet your needs.

With our extensive expertise, we deliver tailored solutions that cater to your specific project needs.
From the initial site assessments to the presentation of deliverables, our comprehensive suite of services are designed to maximise efficiency, accuracy and safety at every stage.

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Progression Video Timelapse

Capture and document the development of your construction project over time through a series of aerial videos taken at regular intervals.

Picture Stills

Regular progress updates delivered through aerial drone imagery.

2D Orthomosaic

With the use of a slider representing the before and after of particular sections in your construction project, you can seamlessly view the changes that have occurred.

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to provide you with innovative and tailored drone solutions that unlock remarkable opportunities

CAA Certified

Transparent Pricing

Full Insurance coverage on every project

Professionally Edited Videos and Photos


Are you licensed and insured?

According to the CAA, all commercial activities performed with a drone will require a public liability insurance. Hence, we are fully insured by Coverdrone for public liability.

How will I access my data?

Data can be accessed through our proprietary portal or via a viewable link to online deliverables (i.e. via dropbox or similar)

Which service areas do you cover?

We cover the entire UK for large scale projects and the South East England region for everything in-between.

How soon can you fly my mission?

We fly as soon as possible based on factors such as weather, site availability and airspace restrictions.

What is you average turn around time?

We aim to complete projects within 3-5 business days. However, this can vary depending on the type of deliverable and rest assured that this will be communicated before the project commences.

What is the best weather for filming?

The most favourable times for filming with a drone are partly cloudy days, particularly just before noon or near sunset when the sun's brightness is less intense.